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Lynn Carey Saylor:

For those of you who don't know, "We Belong" co-writer Eric Lowen, whom I am seen singing with throughout this video and appears in the default first frame of it at right, is fighting an absolutely devastating and insidious illness - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (also known by its acronym, ALS, or by its perhaps most well-known name, Lou Gehrig's Disease).  This is why Eric never appears standing or walking in the video, as the disease has, in a relatively short period of time, robbed him of his ability to walk.  ALS currently has no cure, but research strides are bringing us closer to it, as well as new and promising drugs which help to prolong and improve the quality of life of ALS patients.  Still, the outlook remains bleak for most ALS patients and there is much work still to be done.  Here is a good overview of the disease and what it does to a person.

I know that it is a very TALL order to ask for, as Pat Benatar's 1984 recording of "We Belong" was enormously successful, but it is my great hope that my version of the song might match the success of hers, so that I can personally help bring further awareness to ALS and the search for a cure through publicity that would accompany a new hit version of the song.  And on a personal level, I will be happy in knowing that every time one of my records is sold, the song is legally downloaded or the song gets radio airplay, that songwriting royalties will be paid to Eric and Dan.

I would like to especially thank Brian May for appearing on this song and in the video.  His presence on the recording will no doubt help greatly to garner attention for the song and help it to become the success we all hope it will be.   I would also like to call upon the vast network of wonderful Queen fans to make each other aware of his great work on it.  Queen fans alone have the power to make this a hit song, as they are a mighty group indeed!

Lastly, I want to mention that donations are now being accepted for The Eric Lowen Trust.  Donations will help to offset the enormous costs of fighting his illness and help support his family, which includes 5 minor age children.

The Eric Lowen Trust
2554 Lincoln Blvd. #255
Venice, CA 90291   U.S.A.

If wishing to donate via PayPal, the address for that is

 Encouraging letters, well wishes and mentions of how much you enjoy the song are also greatly appreciated and can be emailed to Eric Lowen directly at

Please mention my name in connection with your donation if you make one, so that Eric knows where you heard about him from. 

Thanks for reading this all the way through.  I hope you enjoy the promo video and my recording of "We Belong."


xo Lynn Carey Saylor


"We Belong" (D. E. Lowen/D. Navarro)
from the album "You Like It Clean" by Lynn Carey Saylor

Performed by Lynn Carey Saylor and featuring legendary QUEEN
guitarist Brian May (guitar/background vocals), Eric Lowen (vocals with Lynn/background), Dan Navarro (background vocals), Danny Miranda (bass), Spike Edney (keyboards), Skip Saylor (producer), Paul David Hager (engineer/mixer). Current touring drummer for Pink, Mark Schulman, is the drummer on the track and not pictured here, as his parts were cut at an earlier time.

This is a rough cut in-studio promo video shot at Conway Studios and Skip Saylor Recording, in Los Angeles, April 2006.   Many thanks to Bobby Holland and Reggie Turner from Isis films for shooting and creating the video.

"We Belong" appears on the CD "You Like It Clean"  with 10 other songs written entirely by Lynn Carey Saylor. 

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